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Issues for Forum in VictoriaNovember 30

Letter to Rich Coleman – August 19, 2010

July 28, 2008:  BC FamilyNet letter to Premier Campbell: OIC re IQ 70 – July 28, 2008

September 20th, 2007:  BC FamilyNet Society Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services   –

February 23th , 2007: Letter to MCFD Minister Christensen from BC Familynet re: The Restructuring Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

December 7th , 2006: Letter from MCFD Minister Christensen re: Group Home Closures following meeting with BC FamilyNet

September 20th , 2006: BC FamilyNet Society Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

March 17th , 2006: 
Re: Self Advocate Advisor position – Response from CLBC

March 15th , 2006: Re: Self Advocate Advisor position – letter to CLBC

January 17, 2006: BC FamilyNet’s Response to “Do the Right Thing” Brief Prepared by We Survived Woodlands Group

October 23, 2005: BC FamilyNet Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

July 17th, 2004: Re: “Government wrong-headed on family care”

July 9th, 2004
Therefore, we urge the Minister to provide a framework for direct community input, as noted below; the Minister and staff should not see this Board as speaking for the community or substituting for direct community input.

Aptil 28th, 2004
Families in our network across the Province have become increasingly concerned about the potential harm to their child or relative with special needs because of massive service and governance restructuring in Community Living during a time of significant funding cuts.

Aptil 5th,2004
FamilyNet letter to Minister Christy Clark outlining grave concerns over the government’s decision to continue with the transition to the new Community Living B.C. governance model. FamilyNet has repeatedly stressed that this devolution, particularly during a time of budget cutbacks, has been flawed from the start and has already put families and their loved ones in jeopardy.

March 3rd, 2004
FamilyNet letter on the CONCERNS OF FAMILIES ABOUT THE RESTRUCTURING PROCESS to the Minister of MCFD Hon. Christy Clark.

January 28th, 2004
FamilyNet letter to new Minister of MCFD Hon. Christy Clark

January 2nd, 2004
FamilyNet letter of response to Interim Authority letter of December 29th, 2003.

December 29th, 2003
Response from David Driscoll, Chair Interim Authority for Community Living B. C. to FamilyNet letter of December 22, 2003. expressing great concern over budget cuts.

December 2003
Children and Family Development Minister Hogg has released the report of the three-member external panel on the readiness of the Interim Authority for Community Living B. C. to take on responsibility for design and delivery of services to this sector. This report, as well as his Letter of Instruction to Ministry staff, and a revised Letter of Instruction to the Interim Authority for Community Living British Columbia can be viewed at either of the following web sites:

MCFD Site :
I.A. Site :

December 22, 2003
For Immediate Release:

FamilyNet calls for moratorium on Community Living cuts:
Ministry demands violate promises to protect the most vulnerable in pursuit of fiscal targets

December 22,2003
URGENT Letter from FamilyNet to Ministry of Children and Families & Community Living BC:
Immediate Moratorium to Proposed Budget Cuts, Service Re-design and Other Changes That May Affect Contracted Services

December 18,2003
URGENT Message from President :
FamilyNet Board Emergency Meeting approves Community Living Campaign