Dear Members and Friends of FamilyNet:

Welcome! Here is our Updated Website
We are happy to introduce our re-newed and re-vitalized website for FamilyNet members, advocates, family members and anyone interested in a better life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

The Goals of FamilyNet
The goal of FamilyNet is to be a provincial voice for children and youth with disabilities, and adults with developmental disabilities and their family and friends. Based on what we hear from you, and what we experience ourselves, we present issues and concerns to Community Living BC, the Ministry of Social Development and other ministries as needed.

Our intent, always, is to be problem-solvers, working to help make things better.

We Need Your Stories
Thus we encourage you to provide feedback via this website so that we can identify ineffective policies and suggest new ways of doing things.

Senior Parent Concerns
A major goal over the past few years has been to highlight the plight of senior parents and their concerns for their sons and daughters in the future. We have worked to ensure that decision makers and government are aware of these issues.

Safeguards are Essential
Adequate safeguards and monitoring are essential in community living. We know that for true community inclusion, our sons, daughters and family members need some paid support. But we also know that the friends and family around them will help improve their lives and keep them safe.

Recommendations to CLBC and Government
Some of our concerns over the past few years have led to the following recommendations to CLBC and to the Minister of Social Development:

  • Increase the number of family members and self-advocates on the CLBC Board
  • Institute a multi-layered approach to safeguarding and monitoring individuals
  • Integrate the roles of facilitators, analyst, and navigator to alleviate this rather complex and uncoordinated planning/funding system
  • Create an advisory process that welcomes input from family members and provides feedback on issues raised
  • Recognize and continue to maintain a range of residential options that will best serve people in varying stages of independence over their lives
  • Work collaboratively with other ministries to ensure smooth transitions from children’s services to adult supports.

Our work at FamilyNet is on-going, and we look forward to hearing your stories and insights.

With Best Wishes,
Linda Derkach, President
BC Family Net Society
January 2016