FamilyNet is the operating name for B.C. Federation of Families, incorporated as a Society in 1995. It was formed at that time during a massive restructuring attempt by government when the Ministry for Children and Families was moving forward rapidly, failing to keep its promises to consult with the community and to avoid disruption of services.

At that time FamilyNet, working with key Community Living stakeholders, mounted a successful rally called “STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and HONOUR the Commitment to Community Living” at Robson Square in Vancouver. This initiative, led by families, pressured government into addressing key concerns and resulted in slowing the restructuring process, and in some cases, halting it altogether.

The Ensuing Years

Since then, FamilyNet has continued to monitor developments within the Community Living movement, especially with the transition of Community Living services from government to a new Crown Corporation known as Community Living BC (CLBC). We have raised many issues with government and with CLBC over the years, and will continue to do so in the future. Please see our Archives for detailed information on our advocacy for many issues, and our contact with government and with CLBC.

Over the Past Ten Years

In 2003, in keeping with FamilyNet’s new Terms of Reference and strategic plans and goals, we undertook initiatives to strengthen our advocacy role as an independent provincial network and voice for children and youth with special needs, adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Our first step in this direction was to establish a new virtual headquarters, new mailing address and meeting locations that reflect the independence and family-led focus of FamilyNet.

In addition we concentrated our efforts on rebuilding our membership base and establishing effective community communication channels. This involved increasing frequency of our newsletters and other updates to families, launching a new interactive FamilyNet website, and urging individuals and families throughout the Province to share their stories with us, and to join FamilyNet.

We also watched with increasing concern as the Ministry moved to a Community Governance model of service delivery resulting in the creation of CLBC. The lack of adequate government communication in the face of significant changes is a major concern to families.  Thus we spoke out about the cuts to services for people with developmental disabilities and children with special needs and their families.


In 2016, FamilyNet continues to monitor policy and practice of Community Living BC, and the Ministry of Social Development. Details of our concerns can be found in our communications with the Ministry and the leadership of CLBC. We have also sought to meet in person with the Minister of the day, and with the CEO and Board Chair of CLBC.